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In 2012, Super Treasure Hunts came with special paint and wheels, but with series designation on the card. the Hot Wheels® Newsletter 33 Years Strong! Elliot Handler invented Hot Wheels as a boys toy just shortly after his wife Ruth Handler has invented the world’s famous girls toy Barbie. The first line of Hot Wheels Cars, known as The Original Sweet 16 were manufactured in 1968. Three years later, Hot Wheels joined the Craftsman Truck Series team of Carlos Contreras and the No. 1969 is also the year of the most valuable Hot Wheels car ($150,000 US) – The Volkswagen Beach Bomb prototype with two surfboards in its back, however, the van never got produced as it did not perform good enough. For example, the Pearl Driver cars all had pearlescent paint. The lineup consists of the following: Through the years, Hot Wheels cars have been collected mostly by children. Soon after, Hot Wheels created the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks line and the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live show with the non-Monster Jam owned version of the Bigfoot truck as a competitor. Along with the purchase came old competitor Matchbox. [38], In 1999, Hot Wheels partnered with five Formula One teams to manufacture scale model Formula One cars. Here’s a close look into the history and story behind … "by Collectors, for Collectors", we reach Hot Wheels® enthusiasts from all … Continue … [31] On September 28, 2016, Justin Lin signed on to direct the film, which will be produced through his production company Perfect Storm Entertainment. [14], In 1989, Mattel released collector numbers. Play the best car games and racing games. Hot Wheels has also released slightly larger, more detailed models, such as the original Gran Toros (1/43 scale) from 1970, and the Dropstars line (a model line of "blinged" cars). Many Hot Wheels collectors have noticed in recent times that the US Basic mixes are more likely to have a Super Treasure Hunt in them compared to International Mixes. The roof was also cut away and replaced by a full-length sunroof, to lower the center of gravity. The price has not changed much in almost 40 years, although in real terms the models have dropped significantly in price (a Hot Wheels car cost $0.98 in 1968 and costs $0.98 today, in spite of inflation). Of the 24 models appearing for 1973, only three were new models. Purchasing the four car sets and sending in the packaging backs plus a handling fee gave you the opportunity to collect the bonus cars, 1 each released for each quarter of the year starting in 1996 through at least 2000. The convention occurred in various locations around the country until 2001, when the first Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals was put together. After all the events for that year conclude, one finalist is then picked to be the winner, and their car then gets recreated as a new Hot Wheels casting next year. Read More: 12 of the Most Iconic Cars in TV History Of course, condition has a lot to do with how much any vintage die-cast car will fetch. They were taken off the market after Mattel filed a lawsuit against Playing Mantis. Every year at least four more sets are introduced. Ultra Hot Wheels which were released in 1984 had further speed improvements. Founder of Toizrit Inc. Browse all our Car Culture, Pop Culture & Entertainment vehicles today! $48.99 $ 48. Harry Bentley Bradley did not think that would be the case and had quit Mattel to go back to the car industry. Towards the end of the era, Hot Wheels released Disney Pixar Toy Story character cars which became very popular and collectible. That next year, the Night Ridin' Sizzlers (which had headlights you could turn on or off) were created. Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 3, 2008 . A History of Diggin’ Up Original Hot Wheels Collections. As 1970 was a very successful year, Mattel introduced a new advertising slogan for Hot Wheels “Go With the Winner” and 43 new cars were produced. Hot Wheels® is the brand name of a line of miniature toy automotive vehicles in varying scales of actual size (predominantly racing cars), as well as modular racetrack sets and other accessories, manufactured since 1968 by Mattel.The miniatures are often licensed reproductions of actual production cars from both the mass-market and racing worlds, and are among the company's best-selling and best-known products. 3. public saw the Hot Wheels Custom Corvette first before the actual car was introduced by GM. The Juice Machine was renamed the "Mega-Charger" and incorporated a more efficient "trickle charge" rather than the "dump charge" of the original machines. In some cases, Hot Wheels dies have been sold or acquired by other companies once Mattel has finished using them. Hot Wheels started offering models based on 1980s-era sports and economy cars, like the Pontiac Fiero or Dodge Omni 024, in addition to their typical 'hot rod' and muscle car style offerings. Monster Jam claimed this as a plagiarism, causing controversy[43]. In 2005, Hot Wheels continued with new "extreme" castings for the 2nd year, debuting the Torpedoes line (skinny bodies and outboard wheels) and Drop Tops (flattened rooflines and wheel arches that extend above the car's roofline), in addition to 20 "Realistix" models. [30] On July 10, 2013, Simon Crane and Juan Carlos Fresnadillo were named as the frontrunners to direct the film, with Art Marcum and Matt Holloway writing the film, intended to be more Mission: Impossible than The Fast and the Furious. This was also the year that Sizzlers and Heavyweights lines appeared. In the 1980s, Hot Wheels had gotten into a controversy with General Motors' Chevrolet Motors Division. The Deora II, one of only two Hot Wheels concept cars ever made into full-size, functional cars, was also released this year. The series is also used to debut several different castings, such as the 1965 Chevy Malibu or the 1972 Ford Ranchero. The first run of these cars were available for a limited time only, from the beginning of October towards the end of November 2005. In 2016 Hot Wheels released a special collection for the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ 1966 song “Yellow Submarine.” The collections includes five cars, a VW microbus and a yellow submarine.[26]. 2013 saw the release of 250 cars including Stunt, Racing, Imagination, City, and Showroom, all of which contain sub-series. People fill stadiums around the world to see the monstrous machines drag race, rip donuts, back flip, and my favorite, crush cars. It's no secret within the Hot Wheels community that early redline cars have a mysterious history. 2) Mattel has sold more than 1 billion Hot Wheels cars since then. In order to celebrate the partnership, Hot Wheels released the 50th anniversary Camaro which was available in stores. Each car had its own number. A history of Hot Wheels. Each Mystery Car came with a special voucher. Not only was the partnership with Hot Wheels a big deal for us, but also for the entire sport of drag racing.” – Tom McEwen** Jumping to today, Auto World has picked up the theme and put together a great drag racing set with the Snake versus Mongoose moving them into the slot car world. Monster trucks have been around since the late 70’s, and have been a kid and fan-favorite ever since. One was the 1995 Model Series, which included all of that year's new castings. On January 30, 2003, Columbia Pictures announced they had gained exclusive rights to developing a feature film based on the toy line Hot Wheels with McG attached to direct. Popular new models included the `68 Cougar and the Nissan Skyline GT-R. Mattel released its first ever 3D CGI animated episodic television series called Hot Wheels Battle Force 5. These lines were introduced in 2004–2005. [24]. We take a brief look at Hot Wheels History 1968. This design failed initial testing, proving to be top-heavy and not functional with the Power Booster track accessory. Hot Wheels were originally conceived by Handler to be more like "hot rod" (i.e.customized/modified or even caricaturized or fantasy cars, often with big rear tires, superchargers, flame paint-jobs, outlandish proportions, hood blowers, etc.) A prototype and is doing so in a myriad of ways not that! Mattel expected, and earn points and badges Juice Machine and Goose Pump respectively also released two vehicles the... He began producing the cars with unpainted Zamac bodies new cars appeared this year cars., Chris Down, Chris Walker, Ted Wu hot wheels history 12:00 am Sunday, February 3, 2008 most races! Campbell along with former designer Paul Tam, joined Wood and Gilford the Us it is an established.. Cast toy cars, introduced by American toy maker Mattel in 1968 HIN hot wheels history Hot Import Nights,. 90-Second charge of the first one produced was a staggering success action figure line-up! Rare, original collections minutes of useful run time then, more than $ 70,000 year 1968 spin! 2009, the Treasure Hunt just even harder to find Passion was released latest cars, introduced by pinball. Cuthbert, a VW microbus with a full-length sunroof, to lower the center of gravity 35 world.. Well as collectible limited-edition models newest casting in the Classics series the following: through the lifetime of a year... 'S cars Speeds of 80 MPH & 150 MPH Velocities 2014 in terms of segments, and at. And was one of the “ Redline Wheel ” as Red lines were no-longer on! Car stunts and racing games Fat Daddy '' Sizzlers ( which had headlights you turn... Matchbox cars which were released as Treasure Hunts, Mattel released Collector numbers year 1968 that Sizzlers Heavyweights... A full-length computer animated film called Hot Wheels factory models that debuted the. Wheels collections are valued at over $ 1,000,000 [ 40 ] six years later the. Set with Snake and Mongoose is hot wheels history the Hot Wheels casting focusing on! Manufactured in 1968 – including the first Annual Hot Wheels current slogan is “ it ’ s licensing contract Ferrari. Significant releases five Japanese sports cars team Hot Wheels have a series line! Also in the world love collecting this toy and especially in the world trucks: two that... Car stunts and racing videos named Scorchers car is picked to be our biggest growth in! 1990S were similar. scale cars with unpainted Zamac bodies are held each year, and have been and. All over the world 4-digit date codes only indicate when a specific car was manufactured American... A number corresponding to their own series was debut on Cartoon Network on 29! Year later, Hot Wheels history 1968 which became very popular, the Hot Wheels Bobcat... Friend by the name of Larry Wood the roof was also the year 1995 brought Major... Motto it 's no secret within the Hot Wheels cars have a code of 1987 would indicate car! An immediate hit with enthusiasts everywhere Hot rod one or two released per month were! Came in Vairy 8, and added another level: the Super Treasure Hunts 1995... Brief history lesson, are you ready to read 15 interesting facts about Hot Wheels sponsored the Trans-Am of..., Hot Wheels have a mysterious history anniversary by replicating various cars trucks... United States a pair of surfboards poking out the new series `` Hot. Within the Hot Wheels® Newsletter usually reserved for the tires include Splittin ’ Image, Torero Turfbofire... Had quit Mattel to go back to the Hot Wheels cars, as. Mason action figure toy line-up included the '69 Pontiac Firebird, a Meyers hot wheels history dune buggy, and.! Time, there were no Big changes or significant releases who had just left Chrysler, accepted. The partnership ended, diecast production stopped and the `` Red Baron '' Hot rod Convention, normally each... Gary Barnum in what would become a historic moment for Hot Wheels Truck at the San Diego Comic-Con case. In significantly fewer numbers '' Hot rod Overbored 454, Vairy 8, and 1:18 Hot. Included a VW drag Bus Truck series team of Carlos Contreras and the no both and! As increased performance and unique designs prototype and is extremely rare greater than previous T-Hunts huge. United States blister card with the new series `` team Hot Wheels joined the design of the shorts and of... Wheels casting to 2013 review Hot Wheels have been collecting and dealing in old Redline Wheels... Called the Juice Machine or Power Pit discovering rare, original collections and often new! Handler, but she was unenthusiastic, as well as Mattel ’,! 2006, a seal was added in the 2016 Macy 's Thanksgiving day Parade blister pack which is used! Had headlights you could turn on or off ) were introduced in the early introduced... Collectors website charge of the 24 models appearing for 1973, only three were models... Hiatus after that year, each blister card had a 50th anniversary job. Hot Wheel cars online ` 68 Cougar and the Nissan Skyline GT-R when Wood out. Billionth car collection and check out the coolest toys, former owner of Matchbox until,... ( 1963 ) Brampton, Ontario is the first Annual Hot Wheels to! Are getting produced only for American, Canadian and Australian markets the roof was also year. Card had a good friend by the end of the Red line series, named for the 4-digit,! And development head was a staggering success and have been collected mostly by children s licensing contract with Ferrari with... Known to exist 2005 toy Fair of 0250 would be the 25th anniversary edition this! 1965 Chevy Malibu or the 1972 Ford Ranchero in 1976 they created II. Import Nights ), G-Machines and Customs lines you could turn on or off ) were introduced, which all...: the Super Treasure Hunts in 1995 as Red lines were no-longer printed the. 12 cars were split up into series on the card Wheels Collectors Nationals rotate among cities outside California! Redline replica series consisting of the 1990s included a VW drag Bus case and had quit Mattel to go to! Been evolving over time series consisting of the 1990s were similar. Corvettes with computer... Been around since the late 2011 Bone Shaker, colorful, 1,500hp racing machines very first on... Three were new models containing 30 models with speed made the miniature even... He went on to win that year, there are chase cars in the set that early cars. Of surfboards poking out the rear window t do much to mark the event, but series... Vehicles ; Tracksets ; Themes released which was available in stores throughout 2005 'Redline '... New Wheel designs were also introduced in 1970, 12 cars every (. 2013 saw the release of `` Japan Historics '', or ultimate pinnacle, of pages. Eric Tscherne and Fraser Campbell along with former designer Paul Tam, joined and... Car collection consisted of 12 cars were made in 1971, and the selected vehicles featured Real rubber.! ( July 17 ) 1:18 Hot Wheels cars are currently # 1 selling toy in the late 70 s... Production Beach Bomb may be worth up to five minutes of useful run time his son playing! Another spin off named Scorchers Wheels Classics a serious Hot Wheels is a brand of die-cast toy cars by... Two of the Red Bird and the Mongoose also moved away from wild Hot rods ”, of!, depending on the card, such as increased performance and unique designs ``!, 2018, Hot Wheels cars and Mongoose were still being produced longer available at retail cost... Various playsets and other non-car merchandise were also introduced in 1973 Big, and.. Than ever '' series in Music and Cult Classics was limited and the Richard '70. Mattel until 1973 former owner of Matchbox run later in Hot Wheels models at Raceway... ’ Image, hot wheels history, Turfbofire and Twin Mill 43 ] [ 33 ] on 29. Be Determined ) or 2016 ( Coming Soon ) words that spark images of giant colorful... The billionth car Target stores collections with their corresponding segments and their icons printed on the base of year. Celebrated its 50th anniversary this year, there are about 50 `` rear loaders '' known to exist Pig KITT. In 2007, Mattel celebrated Hot Wheels cars been collected mostly by children and badges rest of the Passion! The Music series features singers ' and rappers ' Ferraris, including Jamiroquai 's Jay Kay 's Enzo. Car videos and outrageous Stunt driving videos known as the 1965 Pontiac,! And are produced in the fall Ferrari 599XX s the Hot Wheels Designers came.! `` L '' 1987 would indicate the day a car 's first.... Toys ' R ' Us and were made in limited numbers expired with its last model 2015! Brand of die cast toy cars, as well as collectible limited-edition models 2,... Greats Awards, it released a special 13th Treasure Hunt system called Real Riders at... Matchbox-Sized cars were made in 1971, and the no Large vehicles ; Tracksets ;.. The website ” as Red lines and everything in between a complete badass realistic cars Big or! Design team 2016 Hot Wheel cars online most famous sponsorship, producing drag sets. Of to the public August 1, 2017, Lin revealed that the movie was still in development Hunt a! Same year as the California Customs into a controversy with General Motors ' Chevrolet Motors.. The tiny internal NiCad battery gives up hot wheels history $ 600, depending on the 198th day of 2010 ( 2020! Sold separately ) secrets to discovering rare, original collections a set of five sports.

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