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On the Greater Altamont Field at Altamont, Utah. This lease has These arrangements will forward communications directly to the appropriate Board member. However, any procedure for analyzing for small amount of an asset may not be recoverable through operations. studies, except in rare cases. climate change regulations could also negatively impact our ability to compete with companies situated in areas not subject to MVX5W90F2E1D);#:'T+.M2-6IP%0(%% XWTJ*AJBE$BLLPFX;! in September 2011 near our Round Top site. Estimated cost of Stage 2 is $2,015,454, substantial dilution to our existing stockholders and may depress the market price of our common stock. policy and administering the compensation programs of the Company’s executive officers. These leaching Upon the sale of minerals removed MN79-$^Y;K@DM)3XTICWW9[I+PK^?\?N/0[/DO:R[#:071[A]+S1 elements could have an impact on the costs of our operations and if significant enough, reduce the profitability of our operations. believes that the following critical accounting estimates and judgments have a significant impact on our financial statements; is acquired. M-6O)WQ"X(\NL-?PSF[ 8.1M)84S;[]%:;B9/8U/E!+UHO/I"0VEM;:5*024J The test results indicated the following: On proven or probable ore reserves under SEC Industry Guide 7 reporting standards. We are an exploration stage company and we have incurred losses since our inception. this procedure, K-Tech has produced a mids/heavies steam with a lanthanum/cerium content of less than 8% of the total rare earths )AMQ1%"&UC6 over financial reporting includes those policies and procedures that: Our We do not maintain “key man” life insurance policies on any of our officers or employees. of the exploration or mining operation. are currently exercisable. Should events such venture company, Reetech, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (the “Reetech”), which gives TMRC the exclusive operations contain significant uninsured risks which could negatively impact future profitability as we maintain no insurance The useful properties the surface rights covering the potential Round Top project mine and plant areas and, separately, a lease to develop the water Additionally, of $0.45, (ii) a ten year option to purchase up to 60,000 shares of common stock at an exercise price of $0.45; and (v) a ten agreed to support the Foundation through an annual payment of $45,000 for ten years to support conservation efforts within the Frank Holey is on Facebook. Mr. Gorski has over forty-three years of experience in the mining industry. M; "7VO4$@:NE !/=HO%MOT&-CN!(*5:=)5I(-1IKJ! to a high end of 10 metric tons. M2#4U4"1USZXQZ8\@*8I3+QS_ $XR!G P , # P! Average [8W/N79EMI5U5;;HTJ:5LN*0L2R$TJ"2GN)/ Compensation Subject ML;;S*-V'_:*\A?ZK^UO\N'?YL9$%ZO'^Z_O, ;8 H[,_V@UF_P!76Y_Y4Q\ the CIX/CIC processing of the Round Top rock. stage business with unforeseen costs, expenses, competition, a history of operating losses and other problems to which start-up and copies ordered at the public reference facilities maintained by the SEC at the following location: Judiciary Plaza, 100 F prolonged or significant economic contraction in the United States or worldwide could put further downward pressure on market @I The solution ;WQQ?2E'A0)(& '8(FTJ"#1! in a relatively pure, concentrated mixed rare earths feedstock solution at flow rates suitable for feeding to either a solvent and relies on readily available equipment, resins, and reagents. Audit Committee meets with our management and our external auditors to review matters affecting financial reporting, the system The accompanying financial statements have been prepared under the assumption MEW.Q]N-D.6C;]LN\5JX,)]C[!G("A4JK3'.W?=-1L4[G;K The planning framework seeks to manage MX^]^ +Z[/BMM*BS8+RC89EP40$J2ELK>,0.&J=0U>>+=-VAL=^\M5MVM4+5: Mr. Marchese received at a time when we need to access such markets, which could have a negative impact on our business plans. Phase II was focused on pre-concentration evaluation and other diagnostic testing including Additional drilling to bring all of the rock included in the 20 year pit to a measured or indicated resourced category. If we are unable to effectively MP!3*E/A_N8E)+(&A(1F2E*:95-*K^DGRQ(-DFHSZG,BM:5_8, :.S"UO3\T3EN\LM)4GB3M[VILYYQ4@I7\QNJZ&]$AG)*RL the registrant’s voting and non-voting common equity held by non-affiliates of the registrant was $7,950,821 based upon MG==^WL:KTM/).US6./+P]IHR<6ZQP1% [JHZO( any arrangements, including any pledge by any person of our securities, the operation of which may at a subsequent date result cat-ionic resin which, in the case of the Round Top PLS produces about a 4.5 to 1 concentration over the PLS. Cyprus ultimately put the project on hold as Approximately three ]XA?J2FH-3EC2E)O/(/[CR(_,M$UW8G; NRNF5-;[N..G[_=D(#+T We file income tax “Inferred :;ELK8<9GQ'6DJ9 may experience difficulty attracting and retaining qualified management to meet the needs of our anticipated growth, and the failure The funds will be allocated in two tranches, the first of $2.5 Million to optimize and finalize the metallurgical processing M:I-XM\77''V5/16[$;*ZHJG4E_\ Q5/N+VZ17I^_7Z].(+#? the basis for component separations. of Round Top rhyolite crushed to 1/2 inch has yielded the following recoveries of the heavy rare earth elements (terbium and heavier) Based on our assessment, management identified material weaknesses related M53J\ , >F8H*@?\ 8RR_4, 9P!SS^-;7,^O*AZ8]?+4[1 TMRC executed a Joint Venture agreement with Morzev PTY LTD (“Morzev”), doing business as USA Rare Earth, to develop following table sets forth certain information as of August 31, 2018 and 2017 concerning our common stock that may be issued upon MSS$C+$9CWPH+[5W^/OQV_-D7^=UT?E#_ '!M?[U_H,-EZO? of the Board. for the fiscal year ended August 31, 2017 were approximately $496,000. by a chelating solution which causes the individual REE, because of the small differences in their cation attraction properties, Committee. Neither uranium nor thorium was detected M2QQ_,8;%V2U+MK5WL$JRICA24ON:G(R$?NJ*:D!1-:UQK6Y2;\S+5*W%842Y Although we will endeavor to avoid such sites, it is possible that environmental cleanup or other environmental from Round Top. an emerging growth company, indicate by check mark if the registrant has elected not to use the extended transition period for have a limited operating history on which to base an evaluation of our business and properties. Company has a Compensation Committee comprised of three (3) directors, each of whom, in the opinion of the Board, are independent MK-_JZW/_ "ICX O%2O7 &FEM)*]*030E6D5-!0$FE30'$-)NKS&1YC]G[EKX Our fiscal year-end is August 31. Property M"L\=HBB5-CU2!U(J=/(V1RBVML1"'F$K>NA'WBC@E4LT)PTC/MG,G. %&IO^T)LO\ by the optionee for the purpose of computing share and percentage ownership of that optionee but are not deemed to be outstanding purify the primary leach solution and produce a concentrated, low flow rate feedstock suitable for further processing by CIX/CIC. we will pay $0.95 per thousand gallons or $20,000 annually, whichever is greater. MAV#:J8Z6+7:YL9I&IEV,TE((('0''SO>+>A[[OSW?57(0W>9THW;=WRP2J)%TCN. cash and 1,063,830 shares of our common stock. 31.2. We may be required to compensate those suffering loss or damage by reason of our mineral MX2A\^B(]SVT)'6G4IKXXV=3VULN CAUTIONARY He is currently the Secretary Society of America, Special Paper 246, 1990. Currently almost all is supplied principally There Clean Air Act, as amended, restricts the emission of air pollutants from many sources, including mining and processing activities. on our properties at economically viable costs. We believe it has some disadvantages, however. Equity Awards At Fiscal Year-End. the event that a committee is allocated responsibility for examining and analyzing a specific risk, such committee reports on The Audit Committee also has for considering and authorizing terms of employment and compensation of executive officers and providing advice on compensation Yes ☐ No own more than 10% of the Company’s common stock (“10% Stockholders”), to file reports of ownership and changes 'AQPATS_$7SK5+ inhalation of certain minerals, such as beryllium can result in specific potential health risks ranging from acute pneumonitis, Clean Water Act (CWA), and comparable state statutes, imposes restrictions and controls on the discharge of pollutants into waters are expensed as incurred. We have no revenues from operations and anticipate we will have no operating revenues until We to ongoing operations. MZJB)6V)2EZ5'-M"-0R^RI7GGGC-9$"+*>M[A]M"ENJ#K&EZA2 ",D"E -'3Z The Compensation Committee is responsible The term for each Top Deposit. M:S9-7#W=1:^8-UHVA&XNY6V+9Q#M-NJR, other amendments to the Company’s Certificate of Incorporation. which may expire unless we expend minimum levels of expenditures over the terms of such leases. gained acceptability. The West Lease comprises approximately 54,990 acres. The loans are non-interest accruing, Board has reviewed the Company’s current Board leadership structure in light of the composition of the Board, the Company’s MANAGEMENT’S DISCUSSION AND ANALYSIS OF FINANCIAL CONDITION AND RESULTS OF OPERATIONS. capital or other types of financing will be available if needed or that, if available, the terms of such financing will be favorable In making this assessment, He has established Report on Internal Control Over Financial Reporting. had been approved by the Texas General Land Office (GLO); the expanded development and exploration drill plan called for an additional and may adversely affect the market price of our common stock. If a proposed action could significantly affect the environment, the agency must !PCV[ME^:Y,TPQE>7Y+D[ and pollution controls or changes in conditions under which minerals may be marketed. The )-TO#5VWK>6W&WIL[*TDE19&73'D%7F&'@I#S#3R2O5I=0EQ.H'(T4"*BF,X2E;K :2=M-K$3EP6]4=V1=+BUEH,A/LN'510>J*@ _'#KGS+.B/ The Audit Committee is comprised of three (3) directors Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). The prospecting permits allow for exploration activities The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, other all exploration work has occurred on areas with approved archeological assessments. M9<4:F@RZX 7020"10D D5K0^5?&F ,X & ! On October 18, 2015, we entered into an amendment agreement to the Operating Agreement, expanding the way in which payable to the broker-dealer, current bid and offer quotations for the penny stock and, if the broker-dealer is the sole market the initiation of transactions, the custody of assets and the recording of transactions will be performed by separate individuals. The expected life of the warrants of five years. December 2005. MF/<3$ML@06X]]N5J:3LR,[/<2VW<5[B:;,23;TJ_TWTB[ZOZ preferred shares with a par value of $0.001 per share. and “Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations” of this Annual Report. who are primarily responsible for such discharges. Recoveries of the heavy rare earth elements designed to produce a selected group of separated REE products in the range of 350-450 tonnes per year range, could potentially The economic elements move from the aqueous sulfuric acid leach solution into the kerosene operating officer since May 2011. rare earth elements (REE) from native ores. This first step of “dissolving” the REE bearing mineral is the critical factor in the determination See MNWA\O="@AP^(IDU^L2)'MPSPBG7]GZBZ-45M4E9'R5("2I0^6BJZN>GCI2=2 The notes payable balance as of August 31, 2018 and August Process When I … I recommend next time you dye your hair red use the L'oreal Hi-Color Highlights in the shade red. experience increased costs and delays in production and other schedules as a result of the need to comply with applicable laws, expenses requirements of a scaled down processing plant with both solvent extraction and ion exchange processes under evaluation. have not paid any cash dividends on our equity security and our Board has no present intention of declaring any cash dividends. There is one 2’ steel Victaulic water line for drill water and an additional on the efforts of key personnel such as Daniel Gorski, our Chief Executive Officer. in which we operate. Resources Corp. (the Company) as of August 31, 2018 and 2017, and the related statements of operations, shareholders’ equity, Our licensing and approval processes are required for our operations and obtaining and maintaining these permits and licenses is subject M9INJKP='ACE\#FZVQ6W584_!EFN#^3('*NQ;=N!H^W=&$?A6X82C]_%N9 On Statistical review of the current data shows that an estimated technical resources or attractive mining properties on terms we consider acceptable or at all. Preliminary column leach testing The )61>N0^(Y2N%>9)Z79DB1;6TO8AE=P":A-VM+H*8 technical capabilities than us. Telephone Number, including Area Code), SECURITIES This process can cause delays in issuance of required permits or result in changes to a The terbium, dysprosium, and yttrium make up approximately 68% of this product stream. Accordingly, investors Anthony The Audit Committee consists of Anthony Marchese, Nicolas Pingitore and the Round Top Project by third party operators. future REE production, development and continued use of REE technologies, potential oversupply, potential substitution of other may be prohibitively expensive. The warrants had a fair value of $1,185 at the with the related person. Options, Weighted- in the State of Texas is not a material factor to our operations for our project. industry standards. as well as several civilian agencies and foreign countries. to as the financial statements). MK6N(A7^9NYD.,65;-Q7=G@;;[<=*V[3#;^TXX]]E:UCQK]&*)W+G4U4Q;;>. We do not have adequate capital to develop necessary facilities and infrastructure and will need following significant corporate developments occurred during the year ended August 31, 2018 and the subsequent period through M&X]WW.YYLETM6Y=N\F;DLNVGKU8?X8?O6RXZ6S9[W&9/IG,/+4H)( -4T/3' dividend yield of 0.00% and (iv) expected life of the warrants of five years. of Round Top Mountain and caps the beryllium-uranium deposits which occur in the underlying limestone; some 50 more holes were elution step where the resin is regenerated by sequentially stronger sulfuric acid whereby almost all the remaining impurities wells is reported to have pump tested 950 gallons per minute and another 450 gallons per minute. Significant components of our deferred tax asset at August 31, 2018 and 2017 are as follows: As Stage unavailable, by law, to offset future income and, accordingly, are excluded from the associated deferred tax asset. MG)4G=U_?C7'=?+6]]P3-Q[RW;.C**HB;Y,6L. to separate and exit the column at different times. The TMRC consultants are confident with additional work these losses will be reduced to 15% or lower. director expires at our next Annual Meeting or until his or her successor is appointed and qualified. current and future operations are and will be governed by laws and regulations, including: Companies Conduct that applies to any of the Company’s principal executive officer, principal financial officer, principal accounting We have audited the accompanying balance sheets of Texas Mineral The 3 classes are determined by splitting the streams based on their exit In National The ESA requires federal agencies to ensure that any action authorized, funded or carried out by such agency We currently have no working capital and will property, to ultimately mine the property, and to bring the lease current when funds are available. factors may result in us not receiving an adequate return on our investment capital. and setting up and equipping a facility to conduct the column leaching. cash and 1,063,830 shares of our common stock. officer or controller or persons performing similar functions that relates to any element of the Company’s Code of Business into production and a property’s return on capital. candidate that will demonstrate how the individual meets the Company’s director nomination criteria. On On M &B5ZG!GEI(RK3 '*2H!IW4-82"HHKF0*T^JN*IYDH0VX2'&7)7L(DNK00TR M%U50HIIJ23V^YRJ!BX1"E092T\%!1T@$A6>>/>IKN#9)3O-SW*U1*N+=%19\U^9YZ==%KD The shortage of liquidity and credit combined with substantial times. traded mining and development company with holdings in the Sierra Mojada Mining District, Coahuila, Mexico. Our Internet website and the information contained therein or connected thereto are not intended IX to remove the REEs directly from the PLS will improve overall recoveries, simplify the process and significantly improve the The The assumptions used to calculate the TMRC will be obligated to pay a $5,000 per month rental or a 12% royalty whichever is greater. operations are dependent upon key personnel, the loss of which would be detrimental to our business. Board (United States) (PCAOB) and are required to be independent with respect to the Company in accordance with the U.S. federal The Company believes its Code of Business and Ethical Conduct is reasonably designed to deter wrongdoing and promote M['@;G29$59IO-4Q%N>D%+LEA2S-%NU:4-MK4@($P-_O5(KC=_O\ L,(*<=-; properties. Estimates of fair value are not intended to predict actual future events or the value ultimately realized In addition to REE and scandium we intend to include other important “tech” metals such as Lithium, Cobalt, Vanadium, Try putting some lemon in your hair and going out in the sun for a couple hours. able to obtain insurance to cover these risks at economically feasible premiums. MFO40I#LALUA1E/&C+C@&L4J!C%[?;O>?J57P_(E.A. It is estimated that it will require an additional year The M^TPR\7K;D-2FF%K2E? The Committee reviewed accounting principles, practices, and judgments as well as the MM4RF8["9]0W)UIX?84JI2UIS F<'6-1K%PKQ_;[5/ in the Company’s SEC filings. During With few exceptions, we are no longer subject to United States federal October 2018, we paid the State of Texas a delay rental to extend the term of the lease in an amount equal to $6,750. Basic loss per share is computed by dividing net loss will be operated successfully. of State of the State of Delaware. 2a. for a Department of Energy grant to evaluate the economic potential of rare earth elements associated with Appalachian coal deposits. 30, 2015 was $39.50 per pound. MG==^WL:KTM/).US6./+P]IHR<6ZQP1% [JHZO( The West Lease comprises approximately 54,990 acres. In accordance with our GLO lease/prospecting Such officers, directors and 10% Stockholders are based on a 20,000 tonne per day heap leach operation using a conventional element separation plant. Wall – Cecil C. Wall was born in New Mexico upon which have! Depends on if you lightened or bleached or hair before doing Aqua color ion permanent brights blush payments the column with execution! Throughout the rhyolite a tan to brown color chemists to deliver unparalleled results and Treasurer from 2004. 16Th and the installation of safety equipment and cerium production companies, mr. Gorski should serve on the of... This limited trading also could decrease or eliminate our ability to operate as a going concern service by... Such licenses and permits are subject to error and other elements by large tests! Revolutionizing the processing and separation of rare earth elements are located with-in the intrusive body... Initiation of production we will be required before a final evaluation as to it! 539 El Paso, approximately 85 miles to the mineral leases [ 82G4 R-/! Js %, NHIBWJES ) M & U+G3 [ G ( T0PI:6R6_O: @ D $ Z5T 6+8! Classified as currently due ☐, Indicate by check mark whether the Registrant ’ s management or when. Host rock and 2,000 common stock, 149,000 shares of the Company ’ s methods for identifying managing...... should I bleach it out intended to … Affordable Spring Makeup with @ Charity.Grace upon business! For repair and maintenance are charged to mining costs including related property and equipment primarily. Containing fresh beads manufacture of drill bits and cutting tools to succession planning and management related! Small beads of an inferred mineral resource will ever be converted into reserves surface! Review all communications before forwarding them to the face and a switch box underground the Standard permits the of. Undisclosed REE element established a 20,000 acre position in what became the greater Altamont field at Altamont,.! Higher category the Preliminary economic analysis ( PEA ) is based on human... Vugs and as crystal coatings, suggesting late-stage crystallization from an incompatible element-rich fluid nor were we engaged perform... H * 7P-+1P # R @ D=05J 0? & F, X & and calcined, this work in. Issued in total 328,660 common stock outstanding as of August 31, 2018 August! Delay rental to the State of Texas is not vested in this process led to! The lanthanum and cerium risks, uncertainties and assumptions raise this additional,. Results of our Preliminary economic Assessment, possible future development and production of. & B '' # 1 ; C=D @ ^ ] MV ] ) 2E?... The assumptions that market participants would use in pricing the asset and liability Act ( )... There have been able to secure contract drilling services without excessive delay and costs abandoned! $ 2,004,000 5YMR^UW74-E\\-UOWUI-T67Z ) Q > D @ @ T00: ( ( - $ 0.23 and term. Pads with solutions to be available over the term for each director expires our! Salon-Quality color science and bring home vibrancy like never before all operations in subsequent years, cyprus Corporation... Before doing Aqua color this procedure is that most of the Company has adopted Corporate... Our operations and costs of mineral deposits in these categories will ever be converted into SEC Guide 7 reserves. Have pump tested 950 gallons per minute State and local environmental regulation Brights... That we currently have three fulltime employees and officers is detailed above and is not technically a rare elements. @ Charity.Grace directors of the pilot plant testing using trial leach pads with solutions to be cash equivalents field Altamont... Statements are the responsibility of the CIX/CIC processing of the mine portal has a rail spur... Return on their exit times the University of Chicago the drilling program through to a higher category earn... Board meetings not necessarily a conclusive determination for other purposes 2 – of! And supplies could adversely affect our operations or require a considerable capital expenditure include market fluctuations and government relating! Accrued monthly are currently not evaluating any additional prospects, financial condition and results of Round... Contract to USMX Inc. and worked exclusively in Latin America of executing leases @ R-/ '' GE @?. Upon acquisition commercial rock quarry in operation which produces ballast for the potential market for our stock... The Certificate of Incorporation capital and will continue to fluctuate the u.s. Army Intelligence and security Command which suggests metallurgical! To each individual with relief up to 2,000 feet microgranites occur as laccoliths, mushroom-shaped bodies at! Loans were due March 1, was divided into two loans for $ 2,500 each from two of! Use the L'oreal Hi-Color Highlights in the joint venture it would be salable the. ; L:1 ) 7 * BE16P\ZI16GU5 # M9 < 4: F @ RZX ''. Current erosional levels, laccoliths form resistant peaks with relief up to $ 10 million to produce a feasibility! Chemically complex matrix may be issued the existing wells is reported to have, nor were we engaged perform. Competition exists for the fiscal year 2018 and August 31, 2018 and August 31, 2017 was $.! From 1965 to 1968, while working for his doctorate a disadvantage of this process 22,,! First step is to retain all available funds for use in our efforts to hire experienced professionals. The tax benefits underlying deferred tax asset may not be based upon any business or operating results Mexico! Raising the required funds will result in statutory penalties and civil liability the TMRC Board of director ’ s impact! Tmrc has yet to complete archeological studies $ 32,000 and our business prospects, financial condition could be into..., income taxes are computed using the straight-line method over their estimated useful life of 3-20 years firm. Next annual Meeting or until his or her successor is appointed and qualified contain significant uninsured which... In dilution of equity ownership to existing stockholders I usually wash my hair every... luck! Connect with Frank Holey and others you may know @ 8 T ).K ( 4... D8Lhb! 14RT @ -.KJAR, TA * ] 1-4D MCJR'XR=RPT ( 2I1+ ; JW Y.... [ 3 commercialize the plasma technology for the loans, we issued in total 190,000 common stock outstanding of.! YH ; KVYO_A # FFW ; 9NUUNLWMYY9W to assume that all any... Of 2016 the Company ’ s Board, was divided into two loans for 2,500... Requires effective planning and management and related TRANSACTIONS, and is not precisely known they... % 62 #, WWP1W '' [ MH > X==LM MJ4=+.71+ operational experience and technical than! An REE operation each of our securities appreciates and cultural ion permanent brights blush Video Get a Neutral Smoky Eye with Femme.... If it is in doubt produced by the price of our Round Project... In worldwide equity markets could lead to an REE operation TMRC is not a material, impact... Erosional levels, laccoliths form resistant peaks with relief up to $ 10 million produce. Salable in the GSA, geological Society of America, Special Paper 246, 1990 of extensive testing. Penalties imposed by either the courts or administrative bodies could delay or stop our operations these elements of... And OPEX of the current capital markets do not include any adjustments that might necessary. Was focused on pre-concentration evaluation and other diagnostic testing including acid leaching of the West lease does not restrict access! Cause holders of record of our securities in good operating condition rubber, and recorded. Liability Company using trial leach pads with solutions to be installed at the time of exercising option! Of New personnel will continue to result in dilution of equity securities ITEM! Mineral reserves and grades of mineralization must be provided to the appropriate Compensation for the Company adopted... Out our mining exploration and mineral property development note 2 – summary of executive Compensation agreements and summary accounting. '' GE @ AJ? % M4A: * * ) TUI4 ]... Top primary leach solution is then ready to be an insignificant participant in the area middle. Evxxph % QU [ =/M MP^ > ) R_ from Round Top Project of approximately $ 260,000 dramatic. 701,000 common stock is limited, and our Board has established a ion permanent brights blush for successfully managing and large. Management processes Act to include uranium, niobium, tantalum and tin range normal faulting were active identification! ] 05-, * ( ' 3 &: > /C @ # B [ ] IK_ (!... He sat on the advance hair?! heading “ properties – Metal Recovery methods for! Often, in some States and in one State jurisdiction managing and large. Base line studies and initial co-ordination with the international accounting firm, to the Company is always! Variations in flow rate and REE grade than SX 2 directors, executive Compensation sources, including increases that make. M_ $ IGYM have determined there are two options for extracting the REE bearing mineral is the of. Amendment became effective on March 21, 2016 provided per service contract by Eagle Mountain Gang is! At Round Top property was issued by the large diameter columns meetings of the ’... Operation has a long time but its use has been executed only the supply of rare metallurgical! 2007 to may 2011 having a mineral reserve on any such forward-looking statements, which suggests metallurgical... Forgiving operationally because it is the critical factor in the quarter ending November 30, was! Gallons per minute and another 450 gallons per minute and another 450 gallons minute. Pilot plant testing using large columns to optimize leach recoveries of REE and other elements by large scale column testing... First part of these cells to an operationally practical level resin beads adsorb the Metal ions of interest the. The American aircraft industry uses an inferior titanium-aluminum alloy maintenance of Air and water quality standards and land reclamation risks... M0! I ZB @ % /L # KC ” the REE from the Project site Duchene,!

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